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Granite is widely used in the 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) sector, thanks to the natural and technical characteristics of the material, particularly suitable for metrological use and for the construction of the machine bases.

The Microplan Group produces high precision bases for CMM measuring machines for the most important brands, made according to the customer’s design and specifications.

There are several properties of the material that make it ideal for metrological use:

  • High stability over time – Thanks to a formation process that lasts thousands of years, granite is free from internal tensions and therefore extremely resistant.
  • High temperature stability – Granite has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • No wear: granite can be worked (lapped) in order to obtain perfectly flat surfaces without porosity, suitable for the sliding of guides on air bearings and for a technology that guarantees the wear-free sliding  of the measuring portal on granite guides.

Microplan produces all the components in granite (bases) and ceramic (Z axes) of  measuring machines, guaranteeing a high quality standard even on large dimensions.

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