Materials for Metrology

Microplan® Group, leader in the production of precision bases and components in granite, makes a constant research on innovative materials that allow to improve the precision of workings: the use of ceramic materials such as alumina (aluminum oxide) and silicon carbide (SiC and Si-SiC), allows the production of parts according to drawing, ground and lapped, with tolerances of flatness, straightness and parallelism very restricted.

granito nero africano

Africa black granite

Due to its unique properties, Afrika black granite is used extensively in the field of measuring instruments, both for standard ones (surface plates, rules, set squares, cubes, etc.), as well as for CMM Coordinate measuring machines, machines bases and structures according to drawing. MORE >

granito nero assoluto

Fine black granite (absolute)

GNU is the new fine black granite used by Microplan® Group for high precision structures manufacturing. Better mechanical properties, greater dimensional stability, improved accuracy in the geometry, excellent results of flatness, best roughness, lower porosity, excellent appearance. MORE >

granito blu di lanhelin

Blu Lanhelin granite

Blue Lanhelin granite is a natural material native of France, usually used by Microplan® Group for big size (over 5 meters) structures and benches. MORE >

carburo di silicio

Silicon carbide

Extremely suitable, due to its unique properties like hardness, elasticity modulus, lenght expantion, for sliding guides manufacturing, beams and high precision instruments, also with the use of air bearings system. MORE >

ceramica allumina

Ceramica Alumina

Due to its physical properties, Alumina (Ceramic) allows to realize high precision instruments, of small and medium sizes (up to 2500 mm of length). Alumina instruments are made in the French workshop of Microplan France. MORE >

materiale celith

Celith – Minerall casting

Celith is a mixture of specific granite aggregates of various size graduations bonded with an epoxy resin and hardener. This composite granite is suitable for moulding which means significant cost reductions. MORE >>