A beautiful story, which continues…

Microplan® Group has been operating in the Metrology field for more than 45 years and is a partner of excellence for the production and supply of high-precision granite bases for coordinate measuring machines (CMM), bases for machine tools and operating machines (grinding machines, lathes, milling machines, machining centers), of bases and structures for the various industrial sectors: Semiconductors, Automotive, Aeronautics, Energy, Medical and Research.

The production companies of Microplan® Group, Microplan Italia Srl and Microplan France Sas, using a fleet of machines updated to the highest quality and technological standards, and innovative manufacturing processes, support the customer throughout the project phase of bases, “turnkey” test benches and customized control benches, specially designed for the most different production, measurement and test needs.

A family as a company

40th Anniversary Celebration

The Microplan® Group, under the direction of the Demagistri family, continues the company founded by Luigi Demagistri in 1976. Led by the President Gabriele Demagistri, and his sister Maria Chiara, the group now employs about 100 employees, including employees in the commercial and administrative division, and operators specialized in processing precision of granite and ceramics for industrial use.

Both production sites open career opportunities to new employees with professional training courses and continuous training activities, thus ensuring a continuous improvement of technical and commercial knowledge, together with the achievement of important and ambitious goals in the technological field.

The production sites

Microplan Italy

Microplan Italia deals with the production of measuring instruments in granite, ceramic (alumina and silicon carbide) and granite bases with dimensions up to 4500 mm, as well as electronic measuring instruments, electronic levels and special measuring and control benches with mechanical applications: electronics, pneumatics and automation.

Microplan France specializes in the production of large-sized granites, with lengths over 10,000 mm, the production of synthetic granite or composite granite, called CELITH, particularly used for machine tool bases for vibration damping and the possibility of creating complex shapes by casting in molds.

Microplan France
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Assistance & Service
Production sites in Europe

Production et services

Production et services

Alongside the standard production of measurement and control instruments in granite and ceramic material such as surface plates, lines, squares, cubes, prisms, comparator holder bases, etc. specific tolerances.

From the electronic division of the Microplan® Group, on the other hand, the electronic levels are born, high-precision digital and analog instruments for planarity and quadrature checks, available in different models and with different resolutions, and optical and electronic measuring instruments for geometric checks, dimensional checks and laser and wire alignment systems.

To complete the range of products supplied by the Microplan® Group, there is the service of revision, calibration, periodic and scheduled control of the inspection plates, measuring instruments and granite bases. It is also possible to carry out the overhaul and control service at the Customer’s site (lapping service in the case of large or not easily movable bases), in addition to the installation and leveling of large bases, as well as the repair and the periodic control of levels and electronic instruments.

Production et services

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