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Suitable for straightness, flatness and squareness measurement, the device uses as sliding surfaces the lapped faces of the granite plate. The system allows use without friction and surface wear, with repeatability tolerances of about 1 µm. The device is composed by an angle base made of 2 elements in ceramic alumina.

Every unit consists of an air bearing, fixed to the sliding surface plate through a pneumatic vacuum action.

On the base a flexible arm for dial gauge stand with 8H7 hole is positioned. It is possible to assembly the two elements of the base for a linear guided movement, use the upper unit only for the free sliding on top of the surface plate or along a straight edge added. You can independently switch on and off pressure and vacuum by the two valves.

Provided with a pneumatic station, the stand support is extensively used on granite surface plates with one or more lapped faces. Device power: compressed air 4 bar / consumption 30 l/min.

(Dial gauge not included)



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