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The standard measuring instruments normally used are not always the best solution for metrological testing of some mechanical parts. The reasons can be many: a minimum time required for the control, the exorbitant cost of some instruments, the environment in which the test is run (workshop instead of laboratory), the specificity of the workpiece to be measured, the difficulty of use and learning of some complex instruments, the unskilled personnel, etc… In these cases, the best solution is to use a measuring tool built especially for the control of a specific part. The equipment presented in the document “Custom’s Solutions”, are just some examples of the achievements since Microplan Group began to pay attention to this particular field. The knowledge gained in the Metrology field, especially in precision mechanics production as pneumostatic stages, innovative and composite materials, subsequently in electronics systems and software development; allowed us to address several “measuring problems”, thanks to a modular design system and with the integration of technology such as linear scales, laser systems, linear motors, etc…

Often the design of a special equipment is made with the customer collaboration, who is most familiar with its production details, and knows what he wants to get a specific measuring instrument. It is not rare that these collaborations, as well as technically satisfy the customer requests, represent a significant saving compared to the expected budget, so much so that in many cases the first realization is followed by other ones. The technologies applied to metrology are sometimes also used to build machine tools, where precision is a critical requirement and where production takes place with non-traditional processes. Microplan Group today provides its experience to all companies wishing to solve specific measurement problems, proposing innovative solutions technologically advanced and cost-effective.




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