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In this category you can find all the standard granite precision measuring instruments: granite surface plates available in different degrees of accuracy (according to ISO8512-2 standard or DIN876/0 and 00, to the granite rules – both linear or flat and parallel – to the control set squares (90°) – provided two degrees of accuracy for laboratory use and workshop; parallelepipeds, cubes, prisms, cylinders, complete the range of precision tools suitable for flatness, squareness, perpendicularity, parallelism, and roundness testing.

In addition to the standard catalog production, the Microplan® Group provides custom tools with dimensions and tolerances according to the specific needs of the customer. For any inquiries our sales managers are available!

  • Granite Surface Plate – PN

  • Granite surface plates with lightened structure – PA

  • DHARLA Low cost granite surface plates – DH/DP

  • Granite linear rules – RL

  • Granite plane parallel rules – RP

  • Granite set square (90°) – SQ

  • Granite cubes – CU

  • Granite precision inspection V-prisms – PR

  • Granite parallelepiped – PL

  • Granite cylinder – CI

  • Qubì // Granite modular elements – QB

  • Concentricity test bench with granite base – BC

  • PERTEST // Granite column for squareness testing – PT

  • Normacheck // Granite column for squareness testing – PT

  • Granite precision rollers for cylinder alignment and levelling – RB

  • PLUTO // Dial gauge stand with micrometric adjustment – PC0322

  • Motorized rotary table // rotating stage – TM

  • Rotating table // Rotary stage – TR

  • Granite surface plate // Base for dial gauge stand – PC0319/PC0320

  • Large size granite plates – PX

  • Granite precision rollers for cylinder alignment and levelling – RB (Copia)