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From pavé to precision granites: a long history of granite processing since 1924

The one kept in the heart of central France is a very long story: a story that dates back to 1924, when Hippolyte MAITRE founded a company for the extraction and processing of granite in a strategic area: near a granite quarry (nowadays sold out) and the Guéret – La Châtre railway section. Originally, most of the production was destined to replace the traditional wooden pavements of the city of Paris with mosaic flooring. In 1938 the production reached 1000 tons per month!

After the Second World War, around 1945, Paul MAITRE succeeded in a first redevelopment of the business, taking advantage of the period of great development of the hydroelectric plants on the Rhone, Durance and Isère. “ATELIERS MAITRE” thus becomes one of the main suppliers of construction and lining materials for dams. In the sixties, faced with the exhaustion of this market, Paul MAITRE decided to start processing precision granite in his own workshops, working the exceptional quality of Blue di Guéret granite, extracted in the Maupuy quarry.

From Ateliers Maitre Europe to Microplan France: the production of granite for industry

From 1977 to today, first as “Ateliers Maitre Europe” and – after the acquisition by the Italian group “Microplan” in 1993 – as “Microplan France”, the company is dedicated to the production of granite for metrology and industry. Over the years, Microplan France has been able to diversify its production and today has five main poles of activity:

  • production of granite instruments for metrology and precision bases, even of large dimensions
  • precision machining on materials (granite and ceramic) with capacities up to 50 tons!
  • production of ceramic instruments for metrological use
  • production of bases and structures in synthetic granite (composite granite)
  • realization of high precision micro-positioning systems for nanotechnology

Microplan France today: 30 years of experience in the large precision granite market

Microplan France today plays a key role on the world market: with over thirty years of experience, unique in France in the precision machining of granite, it is a “laboratory” for the study and design of products.

The deep knowledge of materials, their processing and vacuum-pneumostatic (air) applications have allowed Microplan France to develop numerous projects for research centers and for the main international groups linked to the various industrial sectors.

Investments and continuous growth

To maintain its leadership, Microplan France has made constant investments to update the entire fleet and provide the customer with new products and a complete service from design to after-sales assistance.

Thanks to the new machinery installed, it was possible to improve productivity, increase production capacity, increase the quality of processing, work on innovative and different materials, including ceramic alumina.

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